• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersPoland
  • Founded1994

Chemprotect SK SRO

CHEM-PROTECT is company responsible for the most effective chemical treatment of steel and, hence offers only optimal, safe and cheap technologies and raw materials. They are specialized in providing the chemicals (fluxes, degreasers), equipment(pumps, baths) and technologies (ecology, instalations) for hot-dip galvanizing. Their solutions and products are optimized in terms of customer needs and are constantly upgraded and supported. However, the priority for the company CHEM-PROTECT is to provide satisfactory results of steel surfaces chemical treatment by choosing optimal proces inputs, devices and procedures. Their offer includes solutions and products for all steel pretreatment and galvanizing steps: Degreasing Pickling Rinsing Fluxing Drying Galvanizing Passivation Their offer includes six groups of chemical products for all the pretreatment and galvanizing steps: Degreasers – acid and alkaline  Pickling inhibitors for HCl and H2 SO4 baths  Cristalline and soluted fluxes Zinc purifying salts  Protective emulsions against the” white rust” Alloy components for zinc Only proper and systematic use of above processes allows to obtain coating on steel surfeca, protecting from corrosion for many years. Elements coated in hot dip galvanizing process are widely used, in branches like: Industry Automotive Agriculture Architecture Arts and crafts
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Contract Awards

Pralidoxime and Atropine

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Procurement of Auto Injectors

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Company Offices

  • Poland (headquarters)
  • Sroda Wielkopolska
  • Forteczna 5 PL 32-086 Węgrzce