• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Founded1983

China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD)

Background: China National Center for Biotechnology Development (abbreviated as CNCBD in the following description) is an organization established on November 3, 1983 under the Ministry of Science and Technology with the approval of the State Council. Vision: To be as the biggest in China of world first class management and coordination center for biotechnology and its industry; To be as the research center for biotechnology policy, project management, personnel training, and international information exchange center for biotechnology and bioindustry. Mission: ※To develop biotechnology, cultivate new bio-industry, promote bio-economy; ※To study biotechnology and bio-industry strategies, policies and measures home and broad; ※To take the responsibility and participate in the revision and formulation of biotechnology and bio-industry development laws, policies, projects and plans; ※To assume the management of biotechnology programs; ※To assume the management of bio-safety and bio-resource issues; ※To involve in consultation on the policies and technologies related to bio-indu
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