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  • Founded1953

China Railway Construction Engineering Group (CRCEG)

Founded in 1953, China Railway Construction Engineering Group (CRCEG) is a wholly-owned enterprise of China Railway Group Limited (CREC) – a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the World’s 500 most influential brands. With the two national top-grade qualifications for the general contracting of both housing construction and railway projects (only 7 enterprises in China possessing these two top-grade certificates), it is a large and modern state-owned enterprise engaged in survey and design, real estate development, engineering construction, equipment installation, decoration, roads, bridges and tunnels construction, steel structure engineering, machinery manufacturing, material trade, etc. Nowadays, it has 22 subsidiaries and branches, and 8560 employees, including more than 6000 professional and technical staff, with over 2000 having the senior or the middle title. And its registered capital has amounted to RMB 2.385 billion yuan. With its business covering all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Mainland, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and over 20 foreign countries and regions, CRCEG has constructed many landmark buildings and enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad. Up to now, it has been honored with 112 national awards, including Luban Award, National Superior-quality Project Award, Zhantianyou Award etc., 2 Special Honor Awards for Luban Projects, and many other state-level prizes and titles, such as the National Excellent Enterprise Management Award, the National Excellent Construction Enterprise Award, the National May 1st Labor Prize, the National Advanced Enterprise for Spiritual Civilization Construction, the National Advanced Grass-root Party Organization, and the National Quality Trustworthy Enterprise. As early as 1950s and 1960s, CRCEG has designed and built the 1st sleeper treating factory of new China in Hanyang, the 1st rolling stock repair factory of new China in Xi’an, the 1st rolling stock plant of new China in Chengdu, the 1st diesel locomotive factory of new China in Ziyang, the 1st reinforced concrete sleeper process production line of new China in Fengtai Bridge Factory, the first large-scale railway station of new China – Beijing Railway Station, and the first foreign railway station aided by the Chinese government – Dar es Salaam Railway Station in Tanzania. Those seven “first projects of the People’s Republic of China” are monuments recording CRCEG’s brilliant achievements in the past. Among the first to move towards the market, CRCEG has overcome lots of trials and tribulations, and forged ahead all the way since the reform and opening up. By adhering to the quality guideline “create architectural masterpieces through integrity, wisdom, technology and management, and integrate superior quality with a human touch”, and upholding the spirit of CREC “stride forward and strive for excellence”, CRCEG has expanded its business across China, and constructed a large number of classic buildings throughout its history. Since entering the 21st century, CRCEG has been successfully restructured and listed together with China Railway Group Limited. And in the past decade, it has realized the leap-forward development and achieved a historic breakthrough. Through adversities and difficulties in the past 60 years, CRCEG has made great development in many fields. As for railway construction, it has totally contracted more than 100 railway stations so far with each one of them an architectural masterpiece, such as Beijing South Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station, Taiyuan Railway Station, Zhengzhou East Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station, thus deserving the title of leader in China’s railway station construction. As for real estate development, the brand “Noble” has been well-known across China within a short period of ten years, and CRCEG has become a strong competitor in domestic market. As for public buildings, CRCEG has always been moving forward, and it has constructed a large number of high-quality landmark buildings, e.g. the National Library of China in Beijing, Nanshan Commercial and Cultural Center in Shenzhen, CREC • Dalian Noble Tower, Shanghai CCIG International Plaza, Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House, Shenzhen Citizen Center, Guizhou TV Building etc., which represent the top level of China’s construction in different periods, and also show CRCEG’s extraordinary capability in such aspects as the skyscraper, the deep foundation pit and the large-span steel structure. As for overseas business, it has resolutely implemented the “going global” strategy and strived to develop overseas market. Up to now, it has made 12 expeditions to the Antarctic to undertake the construction of China’s scientific research bases, twice won the honorary title of “the Best Foreign Contractor in Tanzania”, and its overseas operation has reached more than 20 countries and regions around the world.  During the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, 7 projects (e.g. Lhasa Station of Qinghai-Tibet Railway) contracted by CRCEG have been selected as “Top 100 Significant and Classic Projects of New China”, and 2 projects won the title of “Top 10 Beijing Modern Buildings”, including Beijing South Railway Station, which represents the highest level of station construction, and the National Digital Library of China, which leads a new reading era. All these achievements well reflect CRCEG’s strong capability in mastering and applying the science and technology of modern construction. Every inch of tall buildings embodies the wisdom and efforts of CRCEG staff, and every corner of large mansions demonstrates the creation and dedication of several generations. The past 60 glorious years have witnessed CRCEG’s magnificent development from railways to other aspects, from domestic to overseas, from a single mode of railway factory buildings to the large-scale industrial and civil construction, from the simple design and construction to the general contracting, and from common housing projects to the super-large engineering construction with highly scientific and technological elements. And in its journey to the future, CRCEG will continue to improve its capacity, enhance its strength with a solid brand, and strive to be a first-class construction enterprise in China and also an industry leader with international competitiveness.  
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