• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • Development Budget1 Million - 5 Million
  • HeadquartersUganda
  • Founded1974

Church of the Uganda, Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department (COU-PDR)

The Provincial department of Planning, Development and Rehabilitation was first established in 1974 as an advisory office to the Archbishop in the area of socio-economic development. Over the years, the office grew with expansion of its mandate to include planning, development work and rehabilitation and this is the work that the department is engaged in to date. Currently, the department is completing a 6 year Strategic Plan 2012-2017.   This strategic plan transforms CoU-PDR into a facilitator of socio-economic development interventions of the Church to enable God’s people to effectively respond to those socio-economic concerns that undermine their attainment of dignified lives as God’s children.  It points COU-PDR in the following directions in the period 2012-2017. • Institutional strengthening  • Effective working relationships /partnerships • Adequate funding • Programmes and services • Responding to cross-cutting issues   Guiding Philosophy Inspired by God’s word; “…I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).  CoU-PDR Department commits herself to the promotion of a holistic ministry of Christ’s Church in Uganda and beyond.   Vision and Mission of the Organisation Vision: A Church that is an effective facilitator of socio-economic development process for God’s People Mission: To facilitate the socio-economic development efforts of the Church of Uganda through capacity building, harmonising development approaches, advocacy, research and networking.   Values or philosophy The PDR department does all its work based on John 10:10. COU-PDR believes in abundant life. It employs a holistic approach to preaching a practical gospel, seeking to improve the lives of the people spiritually, physically and mentally.   Target population COU-PDR through Dioceses within the Province of the Church of Uganda seeks to reach out to community members. It has an elaborate structure that reaches down to the lowest level in the community, the household.    Organisational Capacity PDR is one of the 5 departments of the Provincial Secretariat of the Church of Uganda, which is a national level office. The other departments of the Secretariat are Mission, Health, Education and Treasury.  It is a Christian- based department. The Church of Uganda is the Anglican Church in Uganda, which has a national following of approximately 11 million people out of a population of close to 32 million people. The Church of Uganda is the second biggest institutionalised religion in the country second to the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Uganda is a faith-based organisation registered as a corporate body under Trustees Incorporation Act of Uganda since 1968. Its registered name is “The Registered trustees of the Church of Uganda” COU-PDR department has a staff of 12 persons, 3 of them women.   Governing structure of the organisation COU-PDR is one of the 5 Departments of the Church of Uganda Provincial Secretariat. The others being Education, Mission, Health and Treasury. COU-PDR like other departments has a board (PDB) which makes management policies and supervises implementation of the policies by management. The Chairperson of the Board is appointed by the Archbishop. The current Board is made up of nine (9) members, four (4) of whom are female. The Provincial Secretary and Provincial Treasurer are ex-officio and the Coordinator COU-PDR is the secretary to the Board. All Provincial boards report to the Provincial Assembly through the Provincial assembly standing committee (PASC). COU-PDR is part of the Provincial Secretariat headed by the Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi. The Provincial Secretary Rev. Canon George Bagamuhunda is the overall Chief Executive of the Secretariat. Rev. Canon Dr Uzziah Maate is the Coordinator of PDR and in day to day functioning of the Secretariat he is supervised by the Provincial Secretary. The Deputy Coordinator Mrs Jessica Nalwoga Baguma is also the overall head of programmes in COU-PDR supervising all Programme Officers, Finance unit and all departmental affiliates.  The Programme officers in turn supervise the work of Diocesan Planning and Development Officers and other diocesan staff who work on various projects under the department at Diocesan level.  The Diocesan staffs supervise and guide the department’s interventions at community level.  COU-PDR has a Planning and Development Board (PDB) to which the Coordinator is answerable. The various boards of the Province are answerable to the Provincial Assembly which is the Supreme Policy making organ of the Church of Uganda.   Financial Capacity The average annual Budget of the organisation for the last 3 years has been US $ 1,500,000.  The department operates a computerised, tailor-made Pearl accounting system which processes financial transactions from financial data into the ledgers and into financial reports. Bank reconciliation statements are made on monthly basis for all departmental bank accounts. The department operates on approved financial and procedure policies which are documented to ensure sound internal controls. The organisation’s accounts are audited on an annually.
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