• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • HeadquartersCosta Rica
  • Founded1977

CID Gallup (Interdisciplinary Development Consultants, Inc.),

CID Gallup (Interdisciplinary Development Consultants, Inc.), is Latin America's premier market research and public opinion company. CID Gallup was founded in 1977 in the Republic of Costa Rica by a group of young professionals. In a tumultuous period in the history of the Central American isthmus, this young group aspired to contribute to the social and economical development, as much to the country as to the region, using their technical capabilities in an agile, punctual and necessary method. The success of this CID Gallup was practically immediate; it quickly began to be contracted out by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) linked to demographic programs from the Costa Rican government and private companies. By 1979, they were up and running, although in an incipient manner, in Panama and Nicaragua. For political reasons, they had to withdraw from Nicaragua in 1980 by order of the new government and in 1983 from Panama by order of the military dictatorship. In 1979, Interdisciplinary Development Consultants, Inc. began to go by the name of CID Gallup. This company started to carry out national public opinion polls sponsored by mass media in these countries; and without exception, it has been the pioneer in this methodology to promote democracy.  Presently, there are at least three public opinion surveys being carried out in Guatemala (since 1986), Honduras (since 1986), El Salvador (since 1986), Nicaragua (since 1990), Costa Rica (since 1978), Panama (1981-1983 and permanently since 1990) and the Dominican Republic (since 2005); and so it has been since being allowed by authorities. Recently CID Gallup, celebrating more than 30 years of business, donated the complete set of almost 400 published surveys to the Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE) library located on the campus in Managua.  They did the same to the library at INCAE Business School in San Jose. Rector of INCAE, Dr. Roberto Artavia, was grateful for the donation, saying the collection of polls represents a “historical documentation” of democratic evolution and the consolidation of Central American regimens. In 2008, CID Gallup, Inc. continues to be a Costa Rican company; but it is also a Panamanian, Nicaraguan, El Salvadorian, Honduran, Guatemalan and Dominican company. In each of the seven countries it is registered as an independent company; and in each country it has its own headquarters – not rented – a furnished Gesell room, computers, capacity to carry out telephonic surveys, and most importantly, personnel with national and international response preparedness. Each of the seven companies can be contracted independently or collectively through the corporation CID Gallup, Inc. The experience of the company can not compare with any other in Central America.    
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Company Offices

  • Costa Rica (headquarters)
  • San Jose
  • Apartado 5413-1000