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CIS Timor Volunteer Association

VISION "Becoming the Inspiration Circle for Timor Dream" MISSION "Become an Inspiration for Change" Explanation of LOGO: The CIS TIMOR logo consists of two main parts, namely the Orange Island Image of Timor and the blue circle. Second The symbol above means a call for the organization to realize its vision to be an inspiring volunteer circle to realize Timor Dream. Timor, which is meant here, is not a geographical or a government entity, but a dream that calls and wishes to realize Timor into a beautiful, just, prosperous and independent Timor. Timor, which provides food in all seasons, water that continues to flow and suffice, forests, mountains, sea and horizons that inspire unlimited life. Homely people, democratic and humane local governance, sharing leadership, quality education, health as human rights, differences as wealth, equality are the values ​​and growth of creative young people's pillars. All people in Timor miss him, pray for him, fight and work together, CIS believes in the power of Dreams and the hard work that can change the face of the island of Timor is now the face of a dream. Timor's face which exudes inspiration for a better world. Timor Impian is a personal call from every volunteer and organization manager to join the circle to share inspiration to make it happen. This is a new idea born from the commitment of every person who dreams of Timor as heaven; where everyone misses him, everyone is comfortable working on his land, everyone is eager to make him beautiful. In Timor Impian later, the truth can be seen in plain view, justice becomes intact, prosperity comes alive, peace becomes culture and everyone desires to be part of the spirit of the changing world of fire from Timor. FOCUS ON 5 STEPS TO CHANGE NTT: NTT Healthy; Focus on encouraging the Government and the Community to be able to access Eligible Water and Sanitation. Activities: Active in moderation of NTT WSS ​​Working Group, Strengthening of Water Governance Capacity, Community-Based Total Sanitation Campaign (STBM) BABS-Free target with Local Government, CSOs and Private Sector. NTT Disaster Resistant; Communities, Government and CSOs are aware of the threat of disasters and understand the actions that must be taken pre, during and after a disaster. Activities: Strengthening and establishment of provincial and district DRR Forums, conducting mapping and studies of Climate Change Vulnerability Index, Review of RPJMD and preparation of RPJMD KLHS that are sensitive to DRR, API and Sustainable Ecosystem Management. Strengthening the CIS Timor Emergency Response Team, Development of the Food Security, Community Protection and DRR Lifetime sectors. Build cooperation with BPBD for disaster mitigation. NTT Sejahtera; Building village community independence from resources and funds. Communities have strong access to Village planning and budgeting. Activities: introduction of a value chain model in community business; strengthen community capacity starting from the process of mapping agro-systems, determining types of plants, nurseries to facilitating market access. Facilitate village participatory planning from the preparation of the RPJMDES to musrenbangdus / des. The establishment of the Village Policy Monitoring Forum for Transparent and Accountable village visions. NTT Equivalent; All Households understand equality and replace patriarchal culture with equal cultures. There is no more violence against women. Its activities are organizing new male CO community, capacity building and campaign for new male alliances, active in organizational activities on gender justice issues, assistance for clean water policies for women. NTT Peace; Become a center of peaceful learning with peace building work. Current activities by joining the NTT Community Early Empowerment Forum (FKDM NTT), organizing KOMPAK (Community Peace Makers), Compact Formation Initiation in Kab. Alor, TTS, Rote and the border youth community in Silawan - Kab. Speckle; Mapping of Conflict Disasters with the NTT Social Service in 22 Districts / Cities, Active in the NTT Early Community Awareness Forum (FKDM); Initiation of the Interfaith Youth Forum in collaboration with the NTT Ministry of Religion and FKUB; Facilitate the independent repatriation process for ex-refugees to Timor Leste and coordinate the settlement of the problem of ex-refugees in West Timor.
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