• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersMoldova
  • Founded2002

Clinica Juridica Universitara (Balti University Legal Clinic)

"Balti University Legal Clinic" (Balti CJU) is that legal entity that managed to involve a considerable number of students in the activity of solving social problems in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova. The organization comes to respond to the needs of the disadvantaged categories by facilitating access to justice and the promotion of modern methods of university legal training We have many successes, but we will continue to develop in order to reach the statutory goals and objectives. The Balti University Legal Clinic was created on July 19, 2002, in the organizational-legal form of the Public Association that is active in partnership with the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the State University "A. Russo". The aim CJU Balti is to provide advanced training to students of the State University "A. Russo ”from Bălţi as part of the study program“ Legal Clinical Training ”through modern and interactive training methods and to provide qualitative consultations to people who cannot afford the services of a lawyer. The involvement of students in the legal clinic allows the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition to the fact that students learn to apply the laws, they also learn to: - Interview and consult with clients regarding law in different social categories; - Develop and strengthen communication skills, including active listening skills, verbal and written communication as well as multicultural communication; - Interpret systems not written by rules that influence the systems of law; - Investigate facts and formulate persuasive theories in fact; - Understand ethical rules and apply them in concrete situations;  - Analyze the best ways of functioning of justice;  - Understands the impact of legal actions on the lives of clients, other actors and on society; - Explore and test a variety of roles that lawyers / lawyers can assume, including the lawyer as a negotiator, mediator, facilitator, conflict resolution person, opinion trainer, people's lawyer, etc. The beneficiaries of the Balti CJU are the disadvantaged social categories in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova who benefit from free legal assistance. The following social categories will benefit from the assistance of the legal clinic:  - unemployed,  - single-parent families,  - families with many children - students except those from the law school,  - minors, - persons with disabilities and  - war veterans.
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Company Offices

  • Moldova (headquarters)
  • Balti
  • Pushkin Street 38, "A. Russo" State University, Block 5, Office 511