Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines (CocoaPhil)


  • Organization TypeAssociation
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersPhilippines
  • Founded1993
The CocoaPhil was founded in 1993, as a non-stock/non-profit organization, serving as an umbrella association representing the interests of the local cocoa industry; farmers, cooperatives, processors and traders. Since the mid-2000s, CocoaPhil has embarked on a large-scale project to revive the flagging Philippine cocoa industry. The CocoaPhil has worked with more than 16,000 farmers organized within 340 cooperatives by providing training seminars, planting materials and consulting out of successive grants from the USAID and USDA through a US based NGO, with the support of World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and assistance from the Philippines Department of Agriculture.   CocoaPhil is committed to further expand the number of hectares growing cocoa in pursuit of the Philippines Cocoa Roadmap by expanding partnerships with farmers groups, NGOs, local government units and government agencies, while strengthening the cooperation with those it has established collaborations. The Roadmap for sustainable Cacao in the Philippines was crafted in 2006, led by the CocoaPhil and with the interventions from the Department of Agriculture, the World Cocoa Foundation, and the Mars Incorporated. The Roadmap has defined the strategic interventions that perfectly fit into the vision and goals for development of the Philippines.   Our Goals While Cacao Production could not provide all the answers in pursuit of poverty alleviation and sustained growth in agriculture, it could take a good part of the sum of efforts to address them. The Fundamentals of our campaign for sustainable cacao production as outlined in the Roadmap was anchored from the goals and vision for development, and its direction firmly fixed with the reforms and sustainable development strategies that the Philippine government is pursuing.   The Philippine has over 3.2 million hectares of farmland planted with coconuts. As an intercrop under coconut cacao production could be a viable source of additional income without disrupting the existing crop activities. It is the organization’s objective to develop at least 100,000 hectares into cacao farms under coconut, for a total of at least 50 million trees planted, and achieve annual production of 100,000 metric tons per annum by Year 2020.   As part of the growth strategy, the CocoaPhil teamed up with a local diversified holding company to expand its services. This is an integrated assistance plan for farmer’s cooperatives which includes production planning, input support, and technical consulting and training, and post harvest support services. The overall objective is to ensure that the Philippines can provide the global cocoa industry with a predictable and sizeable supply of high-quality cocoa beans.

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