Codex Biosolutions, Inc. is an advanced biotechnology company headquartered in the state of Maryland. It offers simple and high throughput solutions to aid scientists in solving complex problems. One of its primary focuses is on drug discovery. It is a leader in providing live cell based assays for novel compound screening. Its patented ACTOne based phosphodiesterase (PDE) and G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) cell lines offer clients the ability to conduct efficient screenings of new compounds in a physiologically accurate, live cell based environment. It is the first in the world to produce commercially available cell lines to screen for compounds that target PDEs. It also provides a number of unique biochemical assay kits and specialty dyes. It strives  to deliver high quality products that help its fellow scientists in the discovery process. In the past five years, Codex participated Tox21, a federal Collaboration involving the NIH, EPA and FDA. It has developed assays for nuclear hormone receptors,  dye based mitochondria toxicity assays. Now it is developing the assays to evaluate the toxicities on TSHR and TRHR.

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