Community Development and Investments Agency (Kyrgyzstan)

The overarching aim of the ARIS and any project managed by it is to contribute to the alleviation of rural poverty. It seeks to achieve this by pursuing three specific objectives: - strengthening the access to and provision of essential community infrastructure services; - supporting the development of private enterprises at the village level; and - improving governance at the local level. The ARIS does this at the grassroots level, by supporting income and employment generating investments in village infrastructure and in group-managed small and medium enterprises, and by helping communities and local authorities work together to achieve key development objectives at the local level. This approach is supportive of the country's policy of devolution of responsibilities. It aims to strengthen local governments (aiyl keneshs and aiyl okmotus) and community-based grassroots institutions — making them more inclusive, accountable and effective at meeting villagers' self-identified development needs.   ARIS Objectives The ARIS is responsible for the management of the Village Investment Project, in accordance with the guidelines and procedures set out in the Operational Manual and in the Legal and Project Agreements. The main role of the ARIS is to assist and support communities and local authorities to work together in building capacity and sustainable processes and institutions to achieve key development objectives at the village and aiyl okmotu levels. The ARIS channels grant financing to community groups in accordance with the provisions of the Legal and Project Agreements with the International Development Association (IDA) and other donors, and with the Framework Agreements signed between the ARIS, LICs and Aiyl Keneshs, and with Tripartite Agreements signed between MPGs, LICs and the ARIS. It ensures that environmental and social safeguards measures are followed during the micro-project cycle. The ARIS is not directly involved in micro-project selection, preparation and implementation, including the approval or rejection of micro-project proposals. These are the responsibility of the MPGs, VICs and LICs.
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Company Offices

  • Kyrgyzstan (headquarters)
  • Bishkek
  • 102, Bokonbaeva St., 720040