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Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP)

Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) has sought to structure itself throughout its existence. Reflecting the political will of the Member States, the aspirations and expectations of its citizens, the Organization has made progress in the evolutionary adaptation of its structures. Despite the limited resources at its disposal, the CPLP's vitality is reflected in the defense of Democracy and the high number of joint measures that Member States have adopted to harmonize policies, activate common procedures and cooperate in areas as important as Justice , Education, Armed Forces, Environment and Migration, among others. The adaptation of the CPLP to the new growth requirements, derived from a greater dynamism of the Organization in the national and international scenarios and in the policies of the Member States, has been accompanied by successive amendments to the Statutes. This new legal framework has enabled, in particular, the strengthening of the action of the focal points, with the conversion of its meetings into a CPLP body, the creation of CPLP Groups in the capitals and in the headquarters of international organizations, the regulation of the accession of States and organizations international as associate observers, civil society institutions as consultative observers, and the institutionalization by the XII Council of Ministers, November 2007, of a new institutional dimension to the Organization with the creation of the Parliamentary Assembly. Strengthening and deepening relations with civil society organizations in member countries are other components of the action, which are of the utmost importance. The growing demand for requests for the status of Consultative Observer, allows CPLP to hope that new spaces for cooperation and paths for collective, multilateral action will be created in the most varied sectors of activity. As part of the achievement of the objectives of the CPLP, important actions were also taken to bring countries and their citizens closer together. Within the CPLP space, multilateral and bilateral cooperation have intensified, exponentially: collaboration between counterparts in the States, both at the state level and within the scope of Civil Society, is increasingly natural, with more than a hundred currently constituted networks. However, the multilateral process has undoubtedly reflected a decisive contribution to the maturation of the CPLP. Such a process, which implies patience, flexibility, a spirit of commitment, is also the guarantee of greater balance, reinforcement of mutual understanding and a determined commitment to collective action, which is, after all, the foundation of the Community. In this spirit, the CPLP is today an actor with global influence.
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