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Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias (CLAI)

VISION OF THE CLAI In 2020 they are a leading organization in dialogue and cooperation between Christian churches, ecumenical and interreligious organizations, and civil society, for the witness of the Full Life of the Gospel expressed in Good Living, Human Dignity and Care of Creation . CLAI MISSION They are an organization for the meeting and unity of Christian churches and ecumenical bodies in Latin America and the Caribbean, which expresses their identity and vocation through education for ecumenical leadership, incidence based on transforming diakonia with and from networks pastoral and social. ECCLESIAL AND ECUMENICAL VALUES Diversities with inclusivity: They value diversity in all its expressions as an element that enriches the communion between people, churches and peoples. They build relationships where everyone, from their identities, contributes to the unity of the Church and greater inclusiveness in communities and society Solidarity for equity: As part of the body of Christ, they work in unity with churches, communities and people in situations of vulnerability, to strengthen ourselves in equity, dignity, rights and justice. Peace with justice: They understand justice and peace as fundamental and indissoluble components of the Full Life proclaimed by the Gospel. They promote harmonious relationships between people and with Creation, seeking peace and working for it, to collect Justice as fruit. ECCLESIAL AND ECUMENICAL PRINCIPLES Communion: companionship and accompaniment. As a space for meeting and exchanging different Christian traditions with a common faith, hope and expression of brotherly-sisterly love and solidarity, transcending nationalities and cultures, they cultivate a spirit of mutuality, reciprocity, co-responsibility, and mutual strengthening. Participation, respect and cooperation: They understand that those who actively participate as members of CLAI must be respected and respected in their identities, diversities and human dignity, and participate with full rights in the life and mission of CLAI. Just as they bear witness to respect, parity and internal cooperation, they promote these relationships with other ecclesial actors and society as a whole. Transparency and accountability: They socialize and publicize information in a truthful, honest, reliable and timely manner, in order to strengthen relations of correlation, parity and mutual trust. Resilience: They strengthen the capacities of people and communities to anticipate, organize, adapt and respond to contexts of change, including crisis situations. GENERAL OBJECTIVE 2016-2020 Strengthen ecumenical witness in Latin America and the Caribbean, through the connection of church leaderships and member organizations, and articulation with social and political processes in peace, justice, equity and new paradigms of development in the region.
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