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The healthcare system does not work for Spanish­-speakers. It’s impersonal, inconvenient, unengaging and confusing (they would say it’s too confusing even for native English­-speakers). The result is that a disproportionate number of Spanish­-speakers wait too long before seeking medical care, then engage with the healthcare system at a more expensive point than necessary if they engage at all. They're committed to making healthcare work for everyone. Their team is a multi­disciplinary group of doctors, medical providers, technologists, health policy experts, visionaries, engagement specialists and wellness practitioners from across the globe that believe that the combination of technology and a deep understanding of culture can create enormous value and savings for their clients and their employees, patients or clients. ConsejoSano is the only solution tailored to address the needs of clients with large Spanish-speaking populations. ConsejoSano is a digital health company focused on bridging the gap between Spanish speakers and the U.S. health system. They provide an integrated service including multi-channel messaging, care navigation, data analytics, and 24/7 access to native-Spanish speaking medical navigators that increases engagement, reduces unnecessary ER visits, and produces better health outcomes for Spanish speakers.ConsejoSano connects users to native Spanish­-speaking medical navigators from a shared cultural background. ConsejoSano helps users navigate to in-network services, answer questions about self-care, and learn more about health topics.ConsejoSano is already used by some of the nation's most respected employers, payers, government programs and at-risk providers. Join us in the movement to make a better, fairer health care system that addresses the needs of the underserved Hispanic population.
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