• Organization TypeInvestment & Finance
  • Staff6-25
  • Founded2004
Conservation Capital is a leader in the field of conservation enterprise and related investment financing. As pressures on nature and its valuable resources both diversify and intensify, Conservation Capital is creating new tools and incentives for its conservation. We believe that commercial business, and the investment finance that drives it, can and should serve as a positive force for the sustainability of our planet. Accordingly, for more than a decade, we have combined a unique blend of finance, business and conservation skills to develop the field of conservation enterprise. Collectively our team has structured enterprise-driven conservation development transactions in more than 25 countries across Africa and Europe with an aggregate value in excess of US$ 200 million, generating annual revenues of more than US$ 25 million. Its work has three core focuses: Conservation Landscapes: To survive, the world’s remaining natural landscapes need to prove their economic, social and political case. They have significant potential in this regard, but it remains largely unrealized. Commercial Enterprise: Considerable scope exists for creating or re-engineering business models to actively support biodiversity conservation. This can and should be combined with generating sustainable profits. Investment Finance: Demand for conservation finance significantly exceeds available supply. There is an urgent need for new private sector investment mechanisms to supplement traditional public and philanthropic channels.