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They are a company structured by highly qualified professionals, dedicated to the projection and construction of civil projects in all their expression. They specialize in bioclimatic, self-sustainable and ecological constructions, as well as in the projection and execution of residential, commercial, industrial, welfare, educational, sports, theme parks, theaters and amphitheatres, single-family, multi-family, town houses and urbanisms complete with all their equipment, interior and exterior design. They develop pre-projects and final projects, constructions in bamboo, wood, metal and concrete, they design and manufacture furniture in general. They offer professional services worldwide and construction throughout the national territory. They have a high number of developments in all the scales inside and outside the country. They have Architects, Engineers, 3D Designers, Geologists, Surveyors, Site Supervisors, and skilled labor. They have accessibility to construction materials, cement, pre-mixed concrete, rebar, among others, as well as machinery, backhoes, cranes, tops, mixers, trucks, etc. They also offer advice for permits for civil works constructions. Their organization has developed from small roofs in single-family homes to urban development projects of more than 900 hectares as well as ecological theme parks, among others. They are specialists in 3D representation, Modeling, Rendering and animation in 3 dimensions of architecture projects, urban planning, landscaping, furniture and objects for Marketing and sales. They have state-of-the-art equipment which allows them to develop any type of project, regardless of its size and complexity. MISSION To guarantee their clients high quality projects and developments in the established deadlines, to generate ecological and architectural quality of life in the country as well as the diffusion of green thinking in Venezuela and of this for the world. VISION To be pioneers in the field of bioclimatic construction in Latin America, reaching different borders and different cultures, generating avant-garde ecological buildings for potential clients and companies.

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  • Calle 105 cedeño con avenida 102 montes de oca torre 4 piso 7 oficina 706, Valencia


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Procurement for Water, Sewer, and Utility Lines

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
6 Mar 2018