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C.E.P. is a full-service consulting civil and structural engineering firm providing services ranging from design preparation and construction management, to complete project management that runs from planning through to final handover and project review. Since 1955 C.E.P. has made its mark both in the engineering world and on the evolving physical and social horizons of the Caribbean region. With a network that spreads through Trinidad & Tobago, England, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent and St Kitts/Nevis, C.E.P. provides a complete and versatile range of expertise, experience and service to its growing base of international clients. C.E.P.'s staff, associates and directors all continue to grow in numbers, educational qualifications and in dynamism in order to provide optimal solutions that integrate experience with state-of-the-art standards and contemporary thinking and technologies. C.E.P. has had the distinguished honour of having ten of its signature works immortalised on the stamps of three Caribbean territories.  

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Company Offices
  • Barbados (headquarters)
  • Port of Spain
  • St.James 97 Tragarete Road, Woodbrook