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  • Founded1986
History Ecteon was founded in 1986 and our products and services reflect the depth of experience of twenty years of feedback from actual field usage by real contract managers. For the first decade of our company's history, our primary focus was building custom business software solutions for Fortune 500 clients. During this time we custom-built many systems and developed significant expertise in the area of contract management technology. In the mid 90's Contraxx, our enterprise contract management solution, was born. Those time-tested and field proven techniques gleaned from years of experience have been incorporated into Contraxx using the latest XML-based technology. Ecteon is a 100% employee-owned private U.S. corporation. Our primary offices are in Nashville, TN and New York, NY. We practice nondiscrimination in all our relevant business practices, including hiring and advancement; our staff reflects the human mosaic of the communities in which we work. We do not "offshore" our development. About Ecteon, Inc. Ecteon is the developer of Contraxx Enterprise and Contraxx One, the premier enterprise contract management software solutions. Since 1986, contract management professionals have looked to Ecteon as a means of reducing risk and increasing profitability. By focusing on flexibility, functionality and usability, Ecteon helps contract managers get their solutions online more quickly and to keep pace as their contract management needs grow and change. Ecteon customers include Global 2000 organizations and leaders in a wide variety of industries. For more information about Ecteon’s contract management solutions visit

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Russia Integrated Infrastructure

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
9 Jul 2018

Albert Town Infant School Construction and Primary School Upgrade

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
13 Apr 2018

Whitfield Town Roads Rehabilitation

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
26 Mar 2018

Bolivar and Battra Roads Rehabilitation

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
26 Mar 2018

Denham Town Roads Rehabilitation

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)

Flanker Pele Drive Drainage and Road Construction

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
22 Mar 2018