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CRCC Harbour & Channel Engineering Bureau Group Co. Ltd.

China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. (formerly known as China Railway Construction Corporation, English abbreviation CRCC), formerly known as Railway Corps, was established exclusively by China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. and was established in Beijing on November 5, 2007. Very large construction company managed by the committee. Listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong on March 10 and 13, 2008 (A share code 601186, H share code 1186), the company's registered capital was 13.58 billion yuan. China Railway Construction is one of the most powerful and large-scale comprehensive construction groups in China and even the world. In 2019, Fortune ranked the 59th in the "Fortune 500" and the 3rd in the "250 largest contractors in the world". And ranked 14th in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises". The company's business covers engineering contracting, survey and design consulting, real estate, investment services, equipment manufacturing, material logistics, financial services and emerging industries. The business scope covers 34 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, special administrative regions and more than 130 countries around the world. It has developed from a construction-based contract to a complete industry chain with scientific research, planning, survey, design, construction, supervision, maintenance, operation, investment and financing, and has the ability to provide one-stop comprehensive services for owners. It has established an industry leading position in the design and construction of plateau railways, high-speed railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and urban rail transit engineering. There are 1 academician of the Academy of Engineering, 11 national survey and design masters, 11 national-level candidates for the "Ten Million Talent Project" and 251 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council. A total of 81 national science and technology awards, 154 national survey and design consulting awards, 101 Zhan Tianyou civil engineering awards, 394 national high-quality engineering awards, and 142 Chinese construction engineering Luban awards; a total of 14023 patents at the provincial and ministerial level 3270 items of the above construction methods. Over the years, the company has adhered to the excellent tradition and work style of the prohibition of the railway soldiers, the courage to innovate, and the unprecedented. It has formed an excellent culture with the core values ​​of "integrity, innovation, eternity, and high-quality character". The company has strong cohesion, execution and Fighting power. Under the leadership of Chairman and Party Secretary Chen Fenjian and President Zhuang Shangbiao, China Railway Construction is moving towards "building-based, related diversification, synergy, transformation and upgrading, and has developed into an international leader in technological innovation, an international leader in competitiveness, and an international leader in economic strength. , The development strategy of the most valuable and creative comprehensive construction industry group".
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  • No.189 Cuifeng street, Qianshan District, Zhuhai