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Creative Center Charitable (CCC) Foundation

About They have been supporting civil society organizations since 1993. The CCC Creative Center Charitable Foundation is a Ukrainian non-governmental and non-profit organization. In its activities, the CCC Creative Center assumes that: 1. civil society is a sphere of social relations outside the family, the state (as an institution) and business, where people come together to meet and / or promote common interests and uphold common values; 2. civil society organization is a type of association of people with the following basic characteristics:  -institutionalization; -affiliation with non-business private law societies; -autonomy and availability of its own governance system; -lack of profit-seeking activities with subsequent redistribution between participants; -voluntary participation in its activities, voluntary membership; -focus on members of the organization or / and the public interest
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Company Offices

  • Ukraine
  • Kyiv
  • Bazhana avenue, 30, kv. 8