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DAISA Enterprises is a growing consulting and tech development firm bringing entrepreneurial passion and agility to a diverse range of clients making communities healthier with projects at the nexus of food, agriculture, culture, and economic development. DAISA specializes in innovative and community-based approaches to strategy consulting, program design and management, and impact evaluation. DAISA Enterprises has developed a core strength around building and supporting Learning Communities among the grantees in the cohort, inclusive of the program officers, to effectively share knowledge, build confidence, and develop a sense of social movement in the cohort. Values Belief - We have the utmost respect for, and belief in, the people working to make their communities and the world cleaner, healthier, and more equitable Appreciation - We are privileged to do this work and are committed to doing it in humility and with great diligence and appreciation for one another Dedication - Our hearts are in this work, we commit to our clients and their vision of a better future; we are passionate, thoughtful and take pride in our work Inquiry and Growth - We are a learning organization asking questions and listening until we understand, trying new things, gathering feedback from clients, each other and stakeholders and continuously  improving.  We embrace diverse opinions, perspectives and even conflict as an opportunity for learning Results driven - We seek to create realistic and sustained value and mutual benefit for clients, partners, and employees Transparency - We will review opportunities and engage with clients and partners by using a consistent and clear process, communicating in an open and fair manner Joy - While the challenges of this work are daunting, we will approach them with a sense of humor, fun, creativity and compassion

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