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Since Delattre Levivier Maroc (DLM) was set up in the 1950s, it has made it a point of honor to continue to develop a corporate culture that seeks to motivate all its personnel to the full. Quality, professionalism and respect for the customer have always been topmost priorities throughout the company, and have contributed to its continuing development over successive generations. These many years have seen major changes in their customer's requirements, as regards both technical expertise and quality, as well as in terms of safety and the environment : DLM has always proved itself ready and willing to face up to the challenge of these new standards. The know-how, real involvement and rigorous professionalism of their personnel, have enabled DLM to become a leader in the heavy boilermaking and metal construction sectors. The strategic choices guiding their development bear upon a range of fields, including energy, export, and offshore operations, and have led to major investment in both human and material resources in order to achieve their goals under the best possible conditions for customers and chareholders alike. Their skills and experience have thus become commodities exportable to many African and Middle-Eastern countries, and they take every opportunity to employ their expertise beynod Morocco itself, to the satisfaction of their new foreign customers. Their objectives and commitments remain unyielding in the search for ever improved performance, and DLM's directors, colleagues and workers, involved in a company whose many years of existence are a guarantee of its future, will long continue to faithfully uphold their vocation - which is to build.

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