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Department of Rural Development (DRD - Myanmar)

Vision Department of Rural Development Vision (Vision) in accordance with the goal of sustainable development is expected to develop the rural socio. The aim The Department of Rural Development Goals - (1) rural infrastructure, rural development and rural livelihood development activities to bring socio-high, (2) Department staff and rural communities with high-performance, Conducting research and technological development of the sustainable development economy, (3) community-centered approach of the country from its citizens to access to basic socio-economic infrastructure and services. Policy The Department of Rural Development policy - (1) ensure rural people's socio-economic development of rural roads, rural bridges, including the development of production of drinking water, rural drinking water projects to be carried out outside the power grid, rural power planning activities. (2) rural area for other social infrastructure development carried out by the people-centered approach. (3) to increase rural people's livelihoods and family income, to ensure the implementation and continuous financing sources One source of income is lost operating funds (Revolving Fund), Establishment of community grants (Block Grant) is working to. (4) support the need for skilled labor in rural areas, in order to fulfill vocational training Performance Enhancements implemented training opened. (5) the risk of emergencies and natural for people prone to losing their homes destroyed rural, rural housing Limitations will be enough to build latrines.  (6) the employees' performance improvements Positive developments in the management mechanism, ensuring that research and development project. (7) relating to poverty reduction and rural development (Stakeholders) and cooperate. Process The Department of Rural Development Process (1) 2030 in all villages to be able to communicate at any season aims sufficient and result in at least one of the main road. Rural road bridges will draw up development strategies implemented. (2) interest on the measures to implement rural water supply projects in a particular region. (3) Access to clean drinking water in rural areas carried out with technical knowledge. (4) In accordance with the national electrification project carried out outside the power grid, rural power planning activities. (5) to switch the power to follow through private entrepreneurs and rural cooperation. (6) to switch the power sector in rural areas for development of small power line (mini-grid) the necessary regulations, Draw up procedures will be enacted. (7) Natural disasters and emergencies, lost homes destroyed rural rural housing Rural latrines will be constructed. (8) other rural area social infrastructure development to ensure high performance and implemented through the implementation of people-centered projects. (9) to improve rural livelihoods and household income work with the Green Village project resources lost everything set up operating funds (Revolving Fund). (10) vocational training and contribute to family income and increased business development will be opened. (11) Research, Technology and Human Resource Development in implementing measures designed to be implemented.
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