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Development Bank of Namibia

ABOUT The Development Bank of Namibia is mandated to contribute to the development of Namibia, and the socio-economic wellbeing of its citizens. The goals that it sets itself are ambitious. In order to achieve its vision of prosperity, the Bank continuously evolves and develops its capacity with the aim of being an exceptional agent of economic development. To achieve prosperity, the Bank transforms the private sector through finance for larger enterprises in key economic sectors that are expected to deliver development impact, economic activity and employment, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, tourism and transport & logistics. To achieve transformation through inclusive economic participation, the Bank finances previously disadvantaged Namibians and women entrepreneurs. With an eye on the future, the Bank also provides finance to youth entrepreneurs, the next generation of Namibian enterprise leaders. To develop a conducive environment for enterprise and social wellbeing, the Bank provides finance for infrastructure and utilities, notably energy, electricity and water. With the aim of socio-economic wellbeing, the Bank participates in development of towns and villages, serviced land, affordable housing, and private sector health and educational facilities. The Bank represents an ongoing endeavour to materially improve Namibia, now and in future. This is an ongoing challenge which the Bank continuously reviews, and to which it rises.
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Staff at Development Bank of Namibia have experience in


  • development
  • public financial management
  • monitoring / evaluation
  • banking & finance budgeting
  • bankruptcy


  • world bank group


  • namibia
  • switzerland
  • uganda
  • lesotho
  • egypt


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas