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Dharma Life (Gajam India Private Limited)

Dharma Life is a social enterprise dedicated to poverty alleviation through rural entrepreneurship. The social enterprise was founded in 2009 by a group of graduates from the London Business School. After identifying the need for creating skilled and sustainable livelihood in rural India, the team began exploring business models that are capable of addressing this issue. The team created an end-to-end value chain that enables individuals at the base of the pyramid to earn a sustainable livelihood. A model, which would engage the local community and offer the highest likelihood of success. This resulted in an innovative approach of value creation that combines rural entrepreneur development and multi-product distribution.  Dharma Life has improved over 2.5 million lives – with a network of more than 3,500 village entrepreneurs operating across six states in India (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan). Dharma Life partners with corporates to provide a product range to meet the rural consumer’s need. Dharma Life Works on the principle of 3i (insights, interventions, impact) and offer specialized rural services through its offerings of ImpactLab, Active Impact, Skill Impact and Channel Impact. Dharma Life works to: 1. Build a national network of rural entrepreneurs (Dharma Life Entrepreneurs) by providing business training, mentoring and support to people with high potential in rural villages. 2. Activate market demand by raising awareness of the economic and social value of these products to rural customers. 3. Create a sustainable value chain for “social impact” products by working with manufacturers, distributors and local retailers. Dharma Life Goals: By 2020 they aim to: Create a network of 100,000 Dharma Life entrepreneurs out of which 50% are female entrepreneurs Serve 50 million rural low income consumers Expand their network across India and globally  
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