About At di:ga they believe in the power of language to change the world. They offer a range of services to do just that. They are a small team of dedicated strategists and communicators, who feel privileged and excited to work with organisations that have something important to say. Their vision is a fairer, safer, more just world, where everyone has the chance to be heard. And their values include truth, simplicity, justice, integrity, and equality. Among the things they believe in are the sanctity of grammar, the power of simple, direct and clear prose, and the importance of finding an author’s (or an organisation’s) voice. How they work They work diligently, intelligently, strategically and questioningly. They will always defend clarity of expression and interrogate the purpose of a piece of communication. They listen, learn, reflect and help to transform. They love helping others to win the arguments they think are worth winning. They are humble about what they don’t know; respectful of the knowledge and expertise of others; and assertive about what they do know. Who they work for They work for causes they believe in, with the potential to be transformed by better communication. A note on their name... di:ga is the imperative form of "to speak" in Spanish. They use the phonetic spelling - the colon slows you down, so you don't say digger, which would be weird, and have nothing to do with communication.

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