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  • Founded1948

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides medical assistance to people around the world who have been affected by poverty, natural disasters, and civil unrest. Thanks to generous material and financial contributions from individuals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers, Direct Relief can work with healthcare professionals and organizations on the ground and equip them with the essential medical supplies and equipment that they need to help people recover from a disaster.   Direct Relief’s assistance programs are tailored for the particular circumstances and needs of those who have suffered from the effects of natural and man-made disasters. Direct Relief also establishes partnerships with local organizations to provide health services to people in rural areas of a country that are poor and lack basic healthcare infrastructure.   Each year, Direct Relief takes steps to leverage every dollar of assistance that it provides into $30 (wholesale) worth of medical supplies for healthcare professionals to use in caring for their patients.    Our Work Much of Direct Relief’s assistance programs focuses on maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, emergency preparedness programs.   Our Focus Poverty and poor health reinforce each other everywhere, but better access to health services for people stuck in this cycle is integral to positive change on a humanitarian level and for economic productivity.   Health has intrinsic value for every person, but it is also essential for people to learn, work, and make a living. Sick people who don’t receive care can’t work, and they get poor or stay poor; and people who are poor are at higher risk of getting sick. Breaking this vicious cycle is an enormously complex endeavor requiring change in many areas other than health services. But under any scenario, better access to health services is essential.   Direct Relief’s medical assistance programs equip health professionals working in resource-poor communities to better meet the challenges of diagnosing, treating, and caring for people without regard to politics, religion, gender, race, or ability to pay.   Maternal and Child Health - Healthy mothers are the bedrock of healthy, productive families and communities. However, women and children are disproportionately affected by poor health outcomes in developing countries and in the U.S. That’s why Direct Relief’s humanitarian health efforts place particular emphasis on protecting women through the critical periods of pregnancy and childbirth: increasing access to emergency obstetric care, supporting obstetric fistula repair, and equipping midwives. Learn more about Direct Relief’s maternal and child health programs here.   Disease Prevention and Treatment - Direct Relief has partnered with corporate supporters and health care providers to prevent and address HIV/AIDS and diabetes. Learn more about disease prevention and treatment here.   Emergency Preparedness and Response - Every day, Direct Relief prepares the most vulnerable communities worldwide for more frequent, more destructive emergencies, and Direct Relief responds fast, effectively, and efficiently when disaster strikes to make sure medical resources are where they need to be to save lives.   Strengthening Health Systems - Direct Relief’s longstanding approach of supporting locally-run facilities providing essential health services is a key strategy in 72 countries, including the U.S.
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  • International Program Officer-West Africa/Asia
    Navassa Island, Howland, British Virgin Islands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Greenland, Bermuda, United States, Canada

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