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Direction Nationale du Génie Rural (DNGR - Mali)

Created according to the law N ° 013-AN of February 11th, 2005 and according to the provisions of the Decrees N ° 09-187 / P-RM and N ° 09-203 / P-RM of May 4th, 2009, respectively referring to the organization and operating procedures of the DNGR and the creation of regional directorates and subregional services; the National Directorate of Rural Engineering is currently structured by a central directorate, nine regional directorates and 29 subregional departments in 29 out of the 49 circles in Mali. At the central level, it includes: Two offices in staff Office Home, Information and Documentation and Statistical Office and Monitoring and Evaluation Four Divisions Agricultural Hydro Infrastructure Division Agricultural Mechanization Division Rural Land Development Division Training Division The mission of the DNGR is to elaborate policy elements in terms of hydro-agricultural development, equipment and rural land, as well as monitoring and coordinating the implementation of these policies. In this respect, his areas of expertise are as follows: Agricultural Hydro Development Agricultural mechanization Rural Land Development Training, Information Agents and other actors Depending on its areas of expertise, it provides, among other things, the following activities: the evaluation of the potential of the development resources and the development of master plans and master plans of regional planning related to them as well as the support to the territorial collectivities the development of methodologies and systems for the sustainable sound management of agricultural equipment participation in the elaboration and monitoring of the implementation of the rural land policy the study and monitoring of the implementation of investment projects and programs in the areas of agricultural resource planning and rural equipment supervision, coordination and control of stakeholders in the field of hydro-agricultural facilities and equipment. The DNGR also coordinates the Program 2 088 (Budget -Programme) of the Ministry of Agriculture namely "Development and Rural Equipment" To carry out its mission, the DNGR also relies on its 11 regional and 32 sub-regional services that have specific missions related to those assigned to the central structure.  Over the last decade, the DNGR has had to conduct a number of five-year development programs reflecting policy statements from successive governments during the period. The development of a modern, sustainable, competitive and environmentally friendly Agriculture puts a strong emphasis on strengthening the resilience of populations to the effects of climate change through: the control of water by the hydro-agricultural installations answering the increased needs of our rural population, in order to free their production from the climatic vicissitudes; the mechanization of agriculture by equipping agricultural holdings with appropriate equipment to increase agricultural production; the land tenure security of farms to cope with land pressure. The National Directorate of Rural Engineering proves today as the safest scale for the rise in agricultural power of Mali.
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