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Directorate General of Marine Policy (DGPM - Portugal)

Mission The Directorate General of Marine Policy of the Ministry of the Sea (MM), abbreviated as DGPM, is a central service of the direct administration of the State, endowed with administrative autonomy. DGPM's mission is to develop, evaluate and update the National Strategy for the Sea (ENM), prepare and propose the national policy of the sea in its various aspects, plan and organize the maritime space in its different uses and activities, monitor and participate in the development of the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union and promote national and international cooperation in the field of the sea. It is incumbent upon him: > Perform executive functions in support of the Interministerial Commission for Maritime Affairs (CIAM) required to coordinate, monitor, update and evaluate the implementation of the NME and the transverse measures and policies related to marine affairs approved by the Government; > Propose to CIAM specific projects and measures to substantiate the actions envisaged in the NME, as well as to coordinate their preparation, preparation and launch; ​> Submit to CIAM an opinion on legislative initiatives related to marine issues, within the framework of the actions and measures contemplated in the NME; ​> Coordinate CIAM's group of high-level focal points and their specialized executive teams; ​> Propose appropriate action programs and projects for the implementation and updating of the NME ; ​> Design and coordinate communication, awareness-raising and mobilization actions for the importance of the sea; ​> Participate in the development of the national policy for ports, maritime transport, navigability and maritime and port security; ​> To collaborate in the elaboration and revision of the National Maritime-Port Plan and to accompany the elaboration and to give opinion on the instruments of planning of the sector, ensuring its articulation with the other instruments of territorial management; ​> Provide support for the development and coordination of the implementation of education and training policy in the fisheries, nautical, port and maritime transport sectors and in the knowledge, research and development of the sea; ​> Participate in the development of policies for the exploitation and use of marine natural resources; ​> To coordinate the design, development, implementation and integration of the MAM information and communication services in the area of ​​the sea, namely, control of maritime traffic and monitoring of the marine environment and the atmosphere, and their integration with other information systems and national and international communications; ​> Develop and coordinate the actions necessary for proper planning and planning of the maritime space; ​> Monitor the implementation of the European Union's Integrated Maritime Policy and other bilateral and multilateral marine-related cooperation and coordinate national representation in international fora related to the sea, which does not fall within the competence of other bodies, in conjunction with the MNE ​> To monitor the work and promote the implementation of the obligations arising from the Cooperation Agreement for the Protection of the Coasts and Waters of the North-East Atlantic. ​
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