Directorate General of Ministry Food (Department of Food) (Bangladesh)

In response to the famine in Bengal, the provincial government issued the Bengal Rationing Order / 1943 and the Bengal Civil Supplies Dept. By establishing After the establishment of Bangladesh, a new ministry was established as the Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies and under this a directorate general of food was created. Since there are food shortages in different areas of Bangladesh, the Department of Food has become one of the most important sections of the Government of Bangladesh. Goals  and objectives Providing food and essential products to emergency customers (cereal imports, rations); Emergency reserves (security reserves); Assist in self-sufficiency in food production (domestic collection); Expand Social Security exclusion (VGD, VGF, KABIKA and TR); Achieving price stability (OMS). Effective and reliable food collection, supply and distribution management Achieve farmer and consumer-friendly food price structure. Introduction of effective and appropriate food delivery system / system. Successful management of drought and famine and food crisis situations. Providing food assistance to the poor and socially disadvantaged people. Integrating food security policy with disaster management / relief distribution management. Timely delivery of food grains to the target sector. · Developing a professional, competent and skilled workforce.
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