Disabled People's International Asia-Pacific Region (DPI - AP)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersThailand
  • Founded1981
Disabled People´s International (DPI) is a world cross-disability, self-help, human rights organizations of persons with disabilities established in 1981. They have been promoting full-participation and equalization of opportunity of persons with disabilities by delivering "A voice of their own." They hold special consultative status for the United Nations and have collaborated with many other international agencies as well. Disabled People´s International Asia-Pacific Region has been playing an important role in the disability movement of Asia-Pacific Region. Regional Development Office was moved to Metropolitan Bangkok in 1999 to further promote disability movement in the Asia-Pacific Region. Their Logo From time immemorial, Homo Sapiens have responded dynamically to clarion calls and rallied round trappings of various forms of insignia. Symbols of one form or another have, throughout recorded history, evoked the human spirit to action. Examples of this are manifold. In 1981, when the United Nations General Assembly Declared International Year of Disabled Persons - IYDP - was launched, the member states moved rapidly and relentlessly towards developing programmes and projects for the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities. Until then, and indeed during this period too, persons with disabilities all over the world had things done to them and for them. While lip-service was given to the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities, the reality was that persons with disabilities did not have a "Voice Of Their Own" - "Vox Nostra". This imbalance had to be addressed. Fourteen motivated, committed and experienced grassroots persons with disabilities joined forces and forged a plan of action for that year. This plan was to culminate in the founding of the unique and historic movement of persons with disabilities as equals - Disabled Peoples´ International. From the outset it was felt that there was a need to evolve slogans and symbols that would identify, signify and clarify the objectives and principles of the global movement. It needed a clarion call, it needed a totem pole. The clarion call was Vox Nostra (Voice Of Their Own) and the rallying totem was their logo, the wheel. Their first step was to evolve a symbol which could demonstrate to the world and to persons with disabilities around the world the oneness and strength of persons with disabilities in their attributed separateness and weakness.

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