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  • Development Budget25 Million - 50 Million
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1989

DKT International

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning and reproductive health products and services in the developing world, serving 28 million couples in 2014, and preventing 6.5 million unwanted pregnancies, 12,527 maternal deaths, and 3.6 million abortions. Since 1989, the nonprofit organization DKT International has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing. DKT has 21 programs in 19 countries and in 2014 it provided and sold almost 553 million condoms, 86 million cycles of oral contraceptives, over 20 million injectable contraceptives, 2.4 million IUDs, and 9.3 million misoprostol pills.  The grants and contributions in 2012 totaled $44.9 million. The cost per CYP was less than $2, which was made possible by increasing efficiencies to near self-sufficiency in several country programs like Brazil and the Philippines. However, the higher-cost-per CYP programs, such as Bihar India, have had a major impact because their urban and rural populations have a great need for contraceptives and contraceptive services. DKT’s contraceptive social marketing programs have been a remarkable success. While the numbers are impressive, they mask an equally important aspect of social marketing: its profound effect on people’s lives. The humanitarian impact of the social marketing programs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia has immediate and long term benefits for poor families. Planned, healthy families have more food and clothing, and – perhaps most importantly – money for school supplies and education for the new generation of children growing up. Every year, DKT’s innovative programs are saving more lives and improving the health of more families in many of the world’s developing countries. Rising incomes in Asia and Latin America and steady or declining prices of contraceptives have made it possible for DKT to substantially increase its revenue stream, which leads to lower donor costs per CYP. As DKT programs produce higher sales revenues, the number of CYPs generated by donor dollars also increases.  What DKT does Contraceptive Social Marketing - DKT International’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing.  The social marketing of reproductive health products and services has several unique advantages because social marketing contraceptives are not perceived as a “program” by consumers.  Entrepreneurship - DKT’s management structure and practices are unique in that they are highly decentralized, promoting strong accountability and entrepreneurship at the field-office level.  Family Planning: Reaching the poor - Today, DKT is providing safe, affordable, and effective family planning products and services – in some cases with dramatic impact.  DKT places a major emphasis on educating and empowering groups with particular needs, such as poor women, marginalized and vulnerable populations, adolescent girls, and youth, so that they can fully understand and make use of their available reproductive health options.  Provide Safe, Affordable Abortion - DKT stresses the importance of safe abortion by registering abortion products and by implementing advertising, education, and outreach campaigns that reach at-risk women, especially in rural and poor areas.  Products - DKT’s expanding list of contraceptive products and services provides women and men with more choices – choices of modern contraceptive methods, choices of contraceptive brands, and choices of providers. HIV/AIDS Prevention - Around the word, DKT focuses on people engaged in high-risk behaviors, including sex workers in Philippine brothels, injecting drug users in Indonesia, truck drivers in Democratic Republic of Congo, soldiers in Ethiopia, and gay groups in Brazil.  DKT also has specially designed social marketing programs to address the problem of HIV/AIDS.    Media Campaigns - DKT’s experience and expertise in the use of innovative media approaches ranges from wall paintings on the sides of buildings in rural Bihar in India, to websites and Facebook in the Philippines, Turkey, and Mozambique, to mobile video trucks in rural Ethiopia.  
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