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Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe

DAFNE is an informal network gathering donors and foundations associations in Europe with the aim of providing a platform to share knowledge and learn from best practices. With 25 member associations with a collective membership of more than 7,500 foundations and grant-makers, DAFNE underpins individual activities of its members by encouraging dialogue and collaboration between the national associations. Each DAFNE member individually serves public benefit foundations and other donors at national level: their roles and services vary from country to country. The diversity among the various DAFNE members brings the opportunity to gain different perspectives, enrich each association by learning from peers’ experiences and get to know the wider European context. DAFNE creates an effective mechanism for Europe-wide collaboration; exchange of know how; and the creation of a pool of knowledge at the level of the DAFNE network among philanthropy support organisations. DAFNE provides a collective voice for Foundations thus supporting the representative role that Associations play at national level. DAFNE works with two main strategic partners EFC and WINGS to strengthen the voice and representation of the philanthropic sector at European and global levels. DAFNE provides for: -exchanging national experience -networking opportunities and encouraging joint projects and initiatives -promoting donors best practices at EU level -supporting advocacy effort at national, EU, and global levels -defining common positions on legal and fiscal issues -data collection, consolidation and analysis DAFNE members are national association that share DAFNE objectives and agree on working together within the DAFNE framework. DAFNE has a membership fee system based on solidarity, flexibility and trust. Members can set their own fee and offer an additional contribution on a voluntary basis.   AFNE is currently chaired by Rosa Gallego, from the Association of Spanish Foundations. She is supported by a Steering Committee comprising Krasimira Velichkova – Bulgarian Donors Forum, Beate Eckhardt – Swiss Foundations, and David Emerson – Association of Charitable Foundations, UK. The Steering Committee is responsible for: -making policy and activity proposals to the membership -setting the agenda for the ongoing year and overseeing the implementation of a work programme -overseeing and monitoring the DAFNE budget -supervising the Coordinating Director
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