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  • Founded1979
Back in 1979, when the first plant of DROMEAS was built in the Industrial Area of Serres, it is certain that they had dreams, great dreams. But, no one could imagine that, from this corner of Macedonian land, sometime the total of European Commission’s services would be supplied with furniture. Today, 30 years later, they are sharing the pride and joy that the contract of exclusive supply of office furniture to all Institutions and Directorates of European Commission gives. These years were not easy, neither success was accidental. It came as a product of a coordinated effort of DROMEAS’ people, continuous investing and adherence to our three non-negotiable goals. Quality, consistency and high added value, through vertical integration of production. These are the secrets of DROMEAS’ success, which moreover become obvious to everyone that visits or honours with their preference to the products. Armed with research, cooperation with worldwide distinguished designers and 30 years of experience in manufacture and with ambassadors our products and their satisfied users in whole length and width of the globe, they continue the tireless course of DROMEAS to a promising and exciting future.

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