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Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH specialises in the implementation of demanding engineering-related projects. Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH is one of the leading companies in Germany in the area of explosive ordnance removal. Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH concentrates on the one hand on commissions involving close official monitoring and complex conditions, and on fulfilling long-term master agreements with the German Federal States or private domestic and foreign clients on the other. The findings compiled from various events, from press notices and publications indicate that in Germany alone over 900,000 ha must still be considered as burdened with explosive ordnance. Only a few thousand hectares of these are cleared of explosive ordnance each year, so that the authorities in the states of Brandenburg and Hessen have calculated that it will take 100 or 200 years to eliminate this problem. The remaing contributions include various other services which are to some extent related to the main service profiles on the one hand, but which include the potential which employees possess thanks to their training and experience and which together with the planned capacity can be offered to third parties on the other. Employees of Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH Kampfmittelbeseitigung GmbH authorised to carry out blasting conduct commercial blasting, for example to eliminate obstacles in walls in opencast mining in the mining areas of Vattenfall Mining AG. Our service range also includes foundation blasting or blasting in drill holes.

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