• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1981

East Kent Rape Crisis Centre (EKRCC)

East Kent Rape Crisis Centre is a registered charity first established in 1981 by a group of committed women who recognised that there are many people who have been affected by sexual violence or coercion who are completely unsupported. It was initially a support line open three days a week. Then, after a few years and a number of committed volunteers, they were able to offer face to face counselling as well. During the last 10 years the organisation has grown hugely. EKRCC has gone from seeing five to six counselling clients a week, to between one-hundred and ten and one-hundred and twenty per week. EKRCC offers 12 sessions initially of face to face counselling to women, men and young people over the age of 11. If the client and counsellor believe that the client would benefit from more sessions, this will be arranged. EKRCC also offers sessions for family and friends who have been impacted. As a direct result of recognition of need, EKRCC also now offer Therapeutic Crisis Interventions. People who are in crisis are generally not ready for counselling but still need professional support. For these people EKRCC offers one to three sessions with a senior counsellor within 24 hours of referral. These sessions are for ‘gluing’ people back together. They consist of normalising feelings, looking at how the brain and body react to trauma and coping strategies for dealing with flashbacks, panic attacks etc. This then holds the person until they are ready to explore what has happened in greater depth, and also enables people to function and pursue whatever course of action they then choose. The helpline has gone from being open three evenings per week to five evenings and is currently taking over 2500 calls per year. EKRCC runs a bi-yearly training courses for new volunteers. EKRCC has three phone lines open to the public: Support line, Crisis line & Openness line (For under 18’s). The lines are open Monday to Friday 18:30 to 21:30PM. EKRCC also nows provide an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service. The isva’s offer emotional and practical support for people considering going through the criminal justice system. They can support clients whether they have reported to the police or not and provide information regarding the police and criminal justice system. They can also support clients to access counselling. EKRCC currently has 3 isva’s working with people of all ages including children. The Child isva’s support children aged from 0-13 years old. In addition to the above services, they provide workshops to secondary schools, these raise awareness of rape and sexual abuse, challenging commonly held beliefs and looking at ways for safer socialising. As a back up to these workshops they provide a dedicated support line and face to face counselling for young people aged 11 – 18 years. EKRCC is now an organisation made up of trained professionals and volunteers. EKRCC offers a wide range of services including Support & Crisis lines, Face to Face counselling, Independent Sexual Violence Advisors and Therapeutic Crisis Interventions. These services are available to everyone affected by any kind of sexual violence or coercion including women, men & children experienced at anytime during their lives as well as family and friends. EKRCC is pleased to announce that all of the services are now available to children aged 5 years old or above. The new Children’s Counselling Service is open to all children equally whether these children are showing signs of mental health problems, behavioural or emotional issues, difficulties with schooling, family or social interactions – working towards recovery and reducing long term damage. Please note that the Children’s Counselling Service is based in Canterbury only at this time. The main aim of is to provide a safe space for people in East Kent to access therapeutic and practical support in order to heal and move on from the traumatic experience.  Without this, people’s lives are usually adversely affected, often experiencing extreme difficulties with relationships, education, work and parenting.  By empowering people into realising truths about their abuse, working through the issues that have arisen as a result, EKRCC can thereby enable them to rebuild and sustain healthier, more productive lives.
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