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  • HeadquartersNauru

EcoNauru Foundation

Formally established in 2016, EcoNauru consists of members with backgrounds in Environmental Science, Climate Change (Vulnerability & Adaptation, Greenhouse Gas accounting, and Mitigation practices), Water conservation and management, Land Management, the sustenance and preservation of natural biodiversity, and Fisheries Management. Executive team members have academic degrees and certifications in various fields such as: Masters in Environmental Science, Masters in Marine Fisheries Management, Masters in Horticulture, Certification of proficiency in climate change, Bachelors in Environmental Management and several others (Two members of the EcoNauru team will be pursuing their PhD degrees in 2018). All members are nationals of Nauru. EcoNauru was created through the gathering of experts formerly employed by the Nauru Public Service but had since been offered other career/academic opportunities by other external organisations. Being equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge in several fields, members of EcoNauru were grouped by the now Managing Director to utilise such skills and give back to society through a community-based approach as a Non-Government Organisation. The Founding Members of EcoNauru are Mrs Mavis Depaune, Mr Asterio Appi, Mr Haseldon Buraman, Mr Nodel Neneiya, Mr Monte Depaune and Mr Tyrone Deiye, The founding members commonly refers to the team as EcoFreaks as we are passionately dedicated to achieving sustainable development and management of Nauru’s finite resources for current and future generations of Nauru.
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Company Offices

  • Nauru (headquarters)
  • Former Aiwo Primary School across Civic Centre