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The purpose of Ekhagastiftelsen is to promote human health by supporting the development of better food, natural medicines and healing practices, and to support research for a healthier way of life, which in itself may have a disease preventive effect. A central idea is to focus more on preventive active care than reactive care to combat symptoms. The same applies to the agricultural and food areas where the focus should be to find methods that can prevent various problems instead of focusing on their manifestations. The focus should not be on tackling problems, but rather finding ways to prevent their occurrence. In accordance with Gösta Videgårds wishes and interests the foundation supports certain specific research areas. For Gösta Videgård an important goal was the improvement in quality of agricultural products through agriculture without toxins and artificial substances. The foundation therefore supports research and development based on the principles of organic and biodynamic food production or other methods and orientations that promote this goal. Research should be in line with IFOAMs (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) principles of organic production. Examples of research that can be supported is how such crops that currently require pesticides can be grown organically in a qualitative and efficient way to produce better and healthier food. Research on improved preparation and storage of food, as well as the analysis of food quality can receive support.   Gösta Videgård was very interested in significance of the diet for humans. The Foundation therefore supports research into the role of the diet in the treatment of diseases and strengthening the body's resistance. Examples of funding can be research into which type diet and food the body needs, the impact of different food choices on bodily functions and related nutritional issues. Healthier lifestyles, a cleaner environment and a more active outdoor lifestyle was also important to Gösta Videgård and he wished that the foundation should work to promote such development. Ekhagastiftelsen can therefore support scientific research in this area. Gösta Videgårds had a keen interest in complementary medicine and its goal of curing diseases by using the body's own innate healing abilities and utilize natural healing powers. He appreciated and also practiced the basic idea of avoiding artificial chemicals as far as possible. Ekhagastiftelsen recognizes that today support for this area of research can be extended to include also other medical research where the mindset is to utilize natural methods and medicines, and for example, can go under the names integrative, biological or alternative medicine. There are mental and psychological aspects in complementary medicine, and research in this direction can also be supported. However, their view is that research on the physical impact and bodily functions have higher priority than research on mental health and psychology.

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