El Desafio Foundation

They are a group of realistic people with (very) ambitious goals. They don’t believe that some things are not possible to achieve, or that they dream too big. Creating a better future for all is not a matter of charity but vision. Everything is connected, and creating a more equal world benefits us all. Their two founders, Dutch Jorn Wemmenhove and Argentinean Mario Raimondi, started the organization in their 20’s. They didn’t have sponsors, support from celebrities or great endorsements, just their ideas. But they’ve inspired thousands, and reached even more. Together with inspiring Luz Amuchastegui they lead a team of talented and diverse people to be a recognized organization nationally and worldwide. 
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Company Offices

  • Argentina
  • Rosario
  • Moreno 3486 S2001SYR Rosario
  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Rotterdam
  • Van der Hoevenplein 84 3072 MK Rotterdam