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Electricity Regulatory Authority of Viet Nam (ERAV)

Main functions: Main functions of Electricity Regulatory Department: Advise and assist the Minister of Industry and Trade in managing the state and organizing law enforcement in the field of regulating electricity activities; organize the task of regulating electricity activities; organize the implementation of the task of regulating electricity activities in order to provide safe, stable, quality, economical and efficient use of electricity and ensure fairness and transparency; organize and manage public service activities in the areas and scope of management strictly according to the provisions of law and the delegation of authority of the Minister. Duties and powers The Electricity Regulatory Department performs the following tasks and powers: 1. To submit to the Minister of Industry and Trade for submission to the Prime Minister and the Government for approval or promulgation: a) Regulating the price frame of the average electricity retail price, price adjustment mechanism and structure of electricity retail price tables; b) Smart grid development program and National Program on electricity demand management to ensure electricity supply and demand balance, improve reliability and quality of electricity supply; c) Roadmap for developing the electricity market; Project on restructuring electricity industry to form and develop electricity market levels; The list of large power plants has special significance for socio-economic, defense and security; d) Policies and mechanisms for purchasing and selling electricity with foreign countries through the national grid from 220kV or higher; d) Provisions on conditions for granting electricity activity licenses; e) Provisions of violation acts and forms of handling acts of violating law provisions on electricity activities and electricity use. 2. Submit to the Minister of Industry and Trade for approval or issuance: a) Regulating the order and procedures for granting and withdrawing electricity activity licenses; b) Regulations on conditions, order of stopping and reducing electricity supply; c) Project of designing electricity market at all levels; d) Regulations on operation of electricity system and electricity market, including: Regulation on electricity market operation; regulation of power transmission system; regulation of electricity distribution system; regulation of measuring and measuring electricity; prescribing the application of model electricity trading contracts and other regulations; e) To prescribe methods and order of elaboration and appraisal of electricity generation price brackets, electricity prices for electricity, electricity prices for renewable energy, electricity wholesale price brackets, electricity transmission prices and auxiliary service prices electricity, charge for operating the electricity system, charge for administering electricity market transactions, types of prices and charges in electricity activities according to the provisions of law f) Regulations on inspection of electricity activities and use, settlement of disputes on electricity trading contracts; g) Regulations and mechanisms for developing Smart Grid; guide the implementation of the Power Demand Management Program and mechanisms to encourage customers to participate in electricity demand management programs; h) The policy of purchasing and selling electricity with foreign countries through the national grid with a voltage of under 220kV. 3. Directing, inspecting, supervising, evaluating and being responsible for organizing the implementation of legal documents, policies, plans, schemes, projects, programs and regulations on regulation electricity after approval. 4. Promulgating according to its competence professional guiding documents on electricity regulation; individual documents; internal normative documents as prescribed by law. 5. Performing tasks on regulating electricity activities and electricity market, including: a) Evaluating and announcing the annual plan on development of electricity transmission grids, electricity distribution grids of 110 kV with consideration for the following years to ensure the security of electricity supply and serve as a basis for calculating electricity prices. ; b) Granting and revoking electricity activity licenses; c) Organize the construction or appraisal of types of electricity prices and charges, including: Electricity generation price bracket, electricity price for new energy, electricity price for renewable energy, electricity wholesale price bracket, transmission price electricity transmission, electricity system auxiliary services, electricity system operation charge regulation, market transaction administration fee, other prices and fees; d) Checking the term power sale and purchase contract between the generating unit and the electricity purchasing unit, the auxiliary service contract between the generating unit and the electricity and market system operating unit, the purchase contract electricity wholesale for a definite time in the electricity wholesale market, the electricity trading contract for a definite time of the Electricity Corporation; e) Checking the production and business costs of electricity, examining the adjustment of electricity prices of Vietnam Electricity Group and electricity units; implementation of electricity price transparency; f) Appraisal of annual electricity system operation plan. Check and supervise the situation of power supply and operation of electricity systems to ensure balance of electricity supply and demand; g) Issuing annual electricity market operation plan. Supervise, handle or propose competent authorities to handle problems arising during the operation of the electricity market; h) Evaluating and announcing plans for development of information technology infrastructure in service of electricity and electricity market operation; i) Proposing technological solutions to ensure long-term supply-demand balance and operating a stable, safe and reliable electrical system with reasonable level of reserve, lowest production cost and operation ; j) Determining and announcing the ratio of output of bilateral contracts to be applied between buyers and sellers in the electricity market at different levels; k) Confirm the load status of the power grid at the request of the electricity unit l) Propose mechanisms and policies to implement the Demand-Side Management (DSM) program and develop smart grid m) Supervise the implementation of the power sector restructuring scheme to serve the development of the electricity market in phases. Proposing competent agencies to have plans on merging or separating electricity operation units to ensure transparent competition activities of the electricity market; n) Check and handle according to its competence law violations in the implementation: Regulation on electricity market operation; electricity activity license; term bilateral power purchase agreement (PPA); electricity tariffs and charges; approved electricity demand management programs and projects (DSM) and smart grid development; Other provisions of law on electricity activities and electricity market. 6. Specialized electricity inspectorate according to regulations. 7. Participate in developing national electricity development plan. 8. International cooperation in the field of electricity regulation and electricity market development, activities related to regional grid connection and development of electricity markets in the Mekong sub-region countries (Greater Mekong Subregion - GMS) and ASEAN. 9. Manage and organize the implementation of funding projects, support from international financial institutions, cooperation projects with foreign governments and non-governmental organizations in the field of regulation electricity and electricity market development in accordance with the law. 10. Research and application of scientific and technological advances in electricity regulation activities. 11. Organization of training and human resource development meets the requirements of electricity regulation and market operation activities at the development levels of the electricity market. 12. Prepare an annual report on summarizing and evaluating the situation of regulating and operating activities of the electricity market according to regulations. 13. Using the state budget allocated and other fees as prescribed by law. 14. To request concerned organizations and individuals to provide necessary information and documents for the performance of assigned tasks; may use domestic and foreign consultants in necessary cases according to the provisions of law. 15. Implement administrative reform in the field of electricity regulation according to the administrative reform plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 16. Managing organizational structure, staffing, cadres, civil servants, civil servants, finance, and assets assigned in accordance with law and decentralization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 17. Coordinate with the Department of Organization and Personnel to perform the task of state management for associations / professional associations operating in the assigned areas in accordance with law. 18. Perform other duties and powers assigned by the Minister of Industry and Trade and in accordance with the law.
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