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ElephantVoices's goals are to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior, and to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants. They accomplish these through research, conservation, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge. ElephantVoices uses knowledge acquired over decades to act as a voice for elephants. In the wild, ivory poaching, destruction of habitat, competition with people for diminishing resources, sport hunting, culling and capture, all threaten the freedom and survival of elephants. In captivity, their well-being is affected by abusive practices and exploitation for commercial gain. Through Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education, CARE, we promote the protection and kinder treatment of elephants wherever they may be. As acknowledged experts on the natural behavior of elephants they offer insight to protect them and the authority to speak on their behalf. ElephantVoices' standpoint is that elephants need protection as a species and as individuals. After more than 40 years of study they know that among elephants, just as among people, wisdom comes with age. An elephant's proverbial memory and life experience means that older matriarchs are more discriminating than younger matriarchs; the loss of a matriarch can affect the future of an entire family; the death of a mother means the death of her young calves and the lowered survival of older offspring; the lack of role models or exposure to severe trauma when young can result in abnormal behavior in adulthood; the deaths of older females or large males with big tusks to a poacher's or hunter's bullet impacts the fabric of a society and the survival of a population.
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