• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1885
Founded in 1885, Ellicott is the world's oldest and largest builder of medium sized cutter suction dredges.  It built all of the dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal and ever since then has focused on the world market for cutter dredges.   Ellicott's dredges are used for sand mining, harbor and navigation maintenance, water reservoir restoration, river and channel dredging, beach restoration and erosion control, and environmental clean-ups to name a few. They have designed and manufactured over 2000 dredges, more than any other manufacturer, and have served customers in over 100 countries.  Ellicott engineering leverages the latest 3D modeling technology available to ensure that their design efforts are streamlined from concept through production. They utilize Finite Element Analysis techniques to eliminate the potential for design failures and expedite their time to market. Ellicott®'s engineering staff draws from both a long history and a diverse background to bring sophisticated designs to the market which are easy to operate and maintain. Principle of Single Responsibility Ellicott is the only dredge builder which designs and builds all key components of the dredging system – from winches to pumps, from excavators to spud carriages.  This concept of single responsibility lies behind Ellicott®'s reputation for reliable and durable dredges.  Because of this approach, many Ellicott® dredges are still going strong after 50 years of steady service. Their dredges are built to last! Ellicott has recently invested over $1 million in a new horizontal machining center at its Baltimore factory.  The new state-of-the-art machining center, showing Ellicott's commitment to modern manufacturing technology, enables Ellicott to process multiple parts at the same time.  Ellicott® also installed a new 20-ton crane capacity through its new Baltimore space (opened in 2008) for more efficient component assembly. Ellicott relies on patents, proprietary intellectual know-how, trade-marked brand names, and aggressive direct and web-based sales to achieve its present growth. 

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