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Embassy of Denmark in Burkina Faso

About In Denmark, Burkina Faso is not as widely known as many other African countries, but many Danes have nevertheless had a very close relationship with the country - as tourists, aid workers, representatives of the private sector, sponsors or adoptive parents. Here we would like to tell you a little bit about Burkina Faso and about the embassy's tasks in Burkina Faso. The Embassy takes care of Danish interests in Burkina Faso, and manages the cooperation between Denmark and Burkina Faso. The cooperation includes significant development assistance, but also political cooperation on the challenges facing both countries in West Africa and globally, including not least security and migration challenges. The embassy is also helping to facilitate contacts between Danish and Burkese companies and organizations who wish to develop closer relations. The embassy helps Danish and other Nordic citizens who are in need or for any other reason need the embassy's help - for example in connection with the issuing of temporary passports, and with assistance in the adoption of children from Burkina Faso. The Embassy has a consular service that processes visa applications and residence permits from permanent residents of Burkina Faso, who wish to visit Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Slovenia. The embassy also handles Danish relations with Benin, Niger and Chad.
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Company Offices

  • Burkina Faso
  • Ouagadougou
  • 316, Avenue Pr. Joseph KI-ZERBO