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  • HeadquartersCanada
  • Founded2011

Emerging Ag Inc.

Emerging Ag is a boutique international consulting firm providing communications and public affairs services to clients in the agri-food, health and sustainability sectors. They are a dynamic group of multicultural individuals with a passion for making a positive impact. They provide expert services to their clients, with a strong focus on global policy issues and engagement with international organizations. Services The Emerging multi-disciplinary approach to issues management and communication has a proven track-record of positive outcomes and measurable results for their clients. Their understanding of current and emerging issues in the global agriculture sector, and their experience in working with all stakeholders in the food chain, gives your organization access to a unique perspective and solutions-focused outcomes when you work with Emerging. Consensus Building Few issues are solved through unilateral action. Identifying and bringing all stakeholders to the table is essential in formulating a positive and viable outcome. They also know that managing differing opinions and goals can be challenging. Emerging excels at finding common ground and building consensus. Public Relations Your reputation is among your most valuable assets. In today’s world of connectivity, it can change in a heartbeat. Reputation studies can help an organization understand its position, improve its actions, and better express itself to the outside world. Emerging can offer the analysis, insight and tools to link to audiences effectively. Government Affairs Your organization’s ability to operate can be greatly affected by legislation, regulation and multilateral texts enacted by governments that may not have a complete understanding of the issues and impact of their actions. Work with Emerging to make sure your voice is heard and your interests are protected. Crisis Management Sometimes bad things happen to good organizations. How you handle them can make the difference between a minor setback and a major catastrophe. Having a clearly defined protocol and areas of responsibility when dealing with a situation is your first line of defence; putting your plan into action is the second. Emerging can help with both. Social Priorities Your activities have an effect on the social fabric of the areas in which you work, and the world as a whole. Emerging can help you define, prioritize and communicate the social impact your organization has on the people and places in which you operate. Sustainability Plans The impact of agricultural activities on the environment is under intense public scrutiny. It is imperative for any organization operating in the sector to have a firm understanding of its impact on the world and to have a sustainability plan in place to address this emerging issue. Goal Articulation The clear articulation of an organization’s goals to all stakeholders is often one of the most overlooked but most important aspects of its communication efforts. Emerging helps you get to the root of what you do, want to do, and the ways to share those goals with others. Coalition Creation Sometimes challenges are easier to overcome with a little help. Emerging specializes in identifying potential partnerships for organizations with common challenges and interests, and negotiating the scope and distribution of responsibilities in the created coalition.
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  • Calgary
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