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Times are changing dramatically for how the energy that people use are generated and managed. Companies have many options to choose from in a rapidly-changing market environment. Empower Energies applies the right mix of solar and cogeneration solutions – with financing – to meet the business and sustainability objectives of multi-facility industrial and commercial organizations. They are a Clean Energy Portfolio Solutions company focused on delivering the most efficient, cost effective integrated energy offer that includes: Solar.  Empower Energies designs, builds, owns, and finances commercial and industrial-scale Solar rooftop, ground-mount, and canopy projects, as well as EV Charging Stations. Cogeneration. Empower Energies develops, designs, builds, owns, and finances commercial and industrial-scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. To effectively deliver The Right Mix of on-site, distributed generation solutions, Empower Energies analyzes each facility’s energy usage and expenditure in order to design and implement solutions that save money, reduce maintenance, and create an improved environment, while providing the optimal financial structure to meet a customer’s specific requirements. And we follow-through with each project to ensure that it is implemented correctly, right down to the nuts and bolts at each plant or facility. They are in the business of delivering energy generation and optimization solutions. The emphasis here – in fact their very brand – is built around the principle of delivering. Every person at Empower Energies – as well as every product, service, and process – is singularly focused on one thing: Delivering on the promise of clean and renewable energy. The innovative, integrated Empower Energies approach captures the synergies that exist between the company’s solar, cogeneration, and energy optimization offers, generating even more efficient solutions at a lower cost, maximizing your return. This focus begins with the company’s vision and leadership, and is also reflected in the company we keep: Management Team The management team at Empower Energies brings together an experienced array of clean and renewable energy pioneers, corporate financiers, and global operations professionals. With members from some of the world’s largest corporations and some of the most-intriguing entrepreneurial operations, the team is well-balanced and market-tested. Partners GM and its Chevrolet Dealer Network consider Empower Energies a preferred provider of solar energy projects and clean transport infrastructure. Empower Energies also maintains strong, strategic partnerships with major global companies as well as clean and renewable energy solutions providers. Board of Directors Empower Energies is guided by an independent Board of Directors with proven expertise in building and leading cutting-edge companies that have transformed industries and delivered significant value to their customers and shareholders.  

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