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Empresa de Aguas y Aguas de Pereira (A&A)

HISTORY By means of Extraordinary Decree No.90 of 1957, the Public Companies of Pereira were organized as an autonomous public establishment, in charge of the administration of the public services of electrical energy, telephones, aqueduct, sewerage, market place and slaughterhouse. In 1959, through Agreement 043 of the Municipal Council, the Company was delegated the administration of the hydrographic basins of the municipality, for which the Reforestation Department was created, dedicated especially to the conservation of the Otún River Basin. With the Political Constitution of 1991, the regime for the provision of domiciliary public services in Colombia was changed, based on three basic aspects: expansion of coverage, improvement of efficiency and improvement of quality. The development of these constitutional principles materialized in Law 142 of 1994, constituting the new regime of domiciliary public services. In this new regime, the following aspects are established, among others: the general principles and the intervention of the State in the regulation, control and surveillance in public services, the legal regime of public service companies, the regime of acts and contracts , the labor regime and the transition regime; special rules for some public services and the rate system. The Municipal Council of Pereira issued Agreement 30 of 1996 through which it transformed the public establishment Public Companies of Pereira, dividing it into four joint stock companies: Empresa de Energía de Pereira SAESP, Empresa de Aseo de Pereira SA ESP, The Quality Control Laboratory was accredited by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce through resolution 16702 of May 28, 2008. The Company was incorporated by means of public deed 1326 of May 16, 1997 of the Fourth Notary of the Circuit of Pereira. The new Company began its work autonomously on July 24, 1997 and is registered with the Pereira Chamber of Commerce under No. 5667 of July 25 of the same year. By means of agreement No.20 of July 28, 2004, it is transformed into a joint-stock company of Domiciliary Public Services, constituted by means of public deed 2665 of August 24, 2004 of the Sixth Notary of the Pereira Circuit. For commercial purposes, the Company adopted the name AGUAS Y AGUAS DE PEREIRA.
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