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  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2012

EnBiotix, Inc.

EnBiotix is a late clinical-stage respiratory therapeutics company initially advancing front-line labeled products for chronic, recurrent, and life-threatening pulmonary infections, a $15 billion global market. Based on ground-breaking systems & synthetic biology platforms of co-founder and SAB Chair James J. Collins (MIT, Harvard Wyss, Broad), EnBiotix expects to dramatically impact the lives of patients, caregivers and payors worldwide. EnBiotix is a bioengineering company focused on applying novel systems and synthetic-biology platforms and technologies towards the development of transformational anti-infective, personal care, and industrial products. Based on the groundbreaking work of EnBiotix co-founder and chair of its Scientific Advisory Board, Professor James J. Collins, these innovative platforms and the company have the potential to dramatically change the way serious bacterial infections are treated in the future. Leveraging these platforms, the company’s product strategy is to discover and develop potentiator molecules that may lead to dramatic improvement of existing antimicrobial agents. For example, the company’s engineered bacteriophage platform employs synthetic-biology techniques to design DNA constructs that can code for a variety of anti-bacterial “payloads” that can significantly potentiate existing anti-infective agents or work by themselves. The first of these constructs – EPP-001 – causes infection-causing bacteria to secrete enzymes, which digest biofilms in a self-propagating but also self-limiting manner. EPP-001 is currently being developed for the treatment of prosthetic joint infections. On the systems-biology side, EBX-001 is EnBiotix’s tobramycin-potentiator combination aimed at treatment of chronic Pseudomonas aerugiosa infections in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF), where the company has demonstrated dramatic enhancement of tobramycin’s effectiveness in killing the bacteria both in vitro and in vivo. According to the CDC, exacerbations of pulmonary infection from chronic colonization of microbes in the respiratory tract is the major cause of disease and death in patients with CF.
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Company Offices

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  • Boston
  • 33 Broad Street Suite 1100