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Engineers Without Borders International

Engineers Without Borders - International (EWB-I) is an international association of national EWB/ISF groups whose mission is to facilitate collaboration, exchange of information, and assistance among its member groups that have applied to become part of the association. EWB-I helps the member groups develop their capacity to assist poor communities in their respective countries.   The main office of EWB-I resides in the USA with regional offices in Mexico, India, Denmark, and Egypt. The regional offices serve as the first point of entry for those national EWB/ISF groups that wish to apply for membership of EWB-I and represent the EWB/ISF groups that are part of the association. The member groups of EWB-I share a similar mission, which is to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while promoting global dimensions of experience for engineers, engineering students, and similarly motivated non-engineers. EWB-I creates links between like-minded organizations and cuts across national borders. Projects coordinated by individual EWB/ISF member groups are grassroots and small and are not usually addressed by in-country consulting firms. It is a matter of policy that prior to taking on projects, EWB-I member groups make sure that they are not competing with private engineering firms. EWB-I member groups and partner organizations contribute to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through capacity building in their projects. EWB-I endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. EWB-I provides a unique platform for its member groups, affiliates, and outside organizations to: -Create a new generation of GLOBAL Engineers -Contribute to meeting the MDGs through capacity building in local projects -Collaborate on projects and studies worldwide -Share ideas, experiences, technical knowledge, and documentation -Develop partnerships on community projects -Address more global issues and projects -Coordinate student exchanges, internships, and professional volunteers -Advertise meetings and events -Train and connect engineering professionals and students around the world -Create synergy between their members   Member Groups: Ingénieurs Sans Frontières - Ingénieurs Assistance Internationale (ISF-Belgium): www.isf-iai.be Ingenieurs zonder Grenzen (Belgium): http://www.kviv.be/izg Ingénieurs Sans Frontières - Cameroun: www.isf-cameroun.org  Ingeniører uden Grænser (Denmark): www.ewf.dk Engineers Without Borders - Egypt: www.EWB-Egypt.org Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen (Germany): www.ingenieure-ohne-grenzen.org; www.ewb-germany.org Engineers Without Borders - Greece: www.ewb.gr Engineers Without Borders - India: www.ewb-ind.org Engineers Without Borders - Kosovo: contact Besa Abrashi Inzeneri bez Granici - Macedonia: www.ewb-mk.org.mk Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Mexico: contact Gerardo Sanchez Engineers Without Borders - Nepal: www.ewb-nepal.org Engineers Without Borders - Palestine: http://www.ewb-palestine.org TESE-Engenheiros sem Fronteiras - Portugal: http://www.tese.org.pt/pt/esf/sobre Ingénieurs sans Frontières Québec: www.isfq.qc.ca Engineers Without Borders - Rwanda: www.ewbrwanda.org or contact Emmanuel Tuombe Ingenjörer och Naturvetare utan Gränser-Sverige (EWB-Sweden): www.inug.nu Engineers Without Borders - USA: www.ewb-usa.org Provisional Member Groups: Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Argentina: contact Maria Marta Fidalgo Ingénieurs sans Frontières - Congo: contact Michel Omanga Wedy Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Colombia: http://isfcolombia.uniandes.edu.co Engineers Without Borders - Iran: contact Reza Kowsari Engineers Without Borders - Malawi: contact Stephen Chalimba Engineers Without Borders - Nigeria: www.ewbng.org  Engineers Without Borders - Serria Leone: http://sites.google.com/site/ewbinsl Engineers Without Borders - South Africa: contact Duncan Fraser Engineers Without Borders - Sudan: contact Sakhr Abu Darag Engineers Without Borders - Uganda: contact ewb.uganda@gmail.com   Start-Up Groups: Engineers Without Borders - Bangladesh: contact Mahbubul Islam Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Bolivia: contact Afnán Agramont Akiyama Engenheiros sem Fronteiras - Brasil: www.esf-brasil.org Engineers Without Borders - Burundi: contact Jean-Claude Sabushimike Engineers Without Borders - Cambodia: contact Mom Mony Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Chile: contact Eduardo Herrera Engineers Without Borders - Finland: contact Hlekiwe Kachali Engineers Without Borders - Ghana: www.ewbghana.org Ingenieurs Zonder Grenzen, Holland: http://afdelingen.kiviniria.net/izg Engineers Without Borders - Hong Kong: www.ewb.hk Engineers Without Borders - Honduras: contact Luis Eveline Engineers Without Borders - Iraq: contact Tareq Aljumylee Engineers Without Borders - Israel: contact Vered Doctori-Blass Engineers Without Borders - Jordan: contact Hayel I. Amoush Engineers Without Borders - Korea: www.ewb-korea.org Engineers Without Borders - Lebanon: www.ewb-lebanon.org Engineers Without Borders - Pakistan: contact Muhammad Salman Khan Engineers Without Borders - Qatar: contact Monsoor Basha Engineers Without Borders - Sri Lanka: contact Padma Edirisinghe Engineers Without Borders, Syria: contact Manaf Abdulghani Engineers Without Borders - Switzerland: contact Sandra Vecchi Engineers Without Borders - Tanzania: Contact Chris Kuffar Engineers Without Borders - Turkey: Contact Cenk Erdil Engineers Without Borders - UAE: Contact Najla Baeshen Ingenieros Sin Fronteras -Venezuela: Contact Carlos Hernández
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  • Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Mexico, A.C., Agustín Melgar 406, Col. Niños Héroes
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  • Boulder
  • Dr. Bernard Amadei, University of Colorado Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, 428 UCB
  • Colorado 80309-0428