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Enterprise for Development (EfD)

Mission EfD’s mission is to contribute to the achievement of inclusive economic growth and elimination of poverty in low-income countries by promoting socially and environmentally sustainable private enterprise and social enterprise. EfD will achieve its goals by using its own resources and by seeking to mobilise additional resources from public and private sector supporters to: Provide targeted reimbursable grant support to enable public benefit components of private sector and social enterprises to proceed with the aim of delivering financially sustainable enterprises that generate significant pro-poor benefits in low-income countries. Identify and highlight best practice in this area and explore means of supporting adoption of best practice by partner organisations in our focus countries e.g. by sponsoring in-country workshops and creating a web-based library of best practice. Facilitate knowledge transfer and learning about successful social enterprise models by creating links between sponsors of such enterprises in low-income countries with sponsors of successful social enterprise ventures elsewhere in the world e.g. by creating an Ideas Exchange. Fund research to investigate the strengths and weaknesses, benefits and costs of alternative models of sustainable private and social enterprise and the effectiveness of interventions to promote them.
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