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  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1995
Enviroseal was established in Palm Beach, Florida in 1995 and is recognized as a world leader in chemical soil stabilization. Their original philosophy to be a reputable producer of environmentally friendly products remains unchanged. Over the years we developed several high grade products designed for stabilization of military airfields, road construction, and erosion control. In 1999, they began developing environmentally friendly consumer products for sealing concrete, roof, and asphalt surfaces.  RoofGuard is a patented product designed to extend the life of asphalt shingle roofs and help prevent hurricane force wind damage. RoofGuard has been wind tunnel tested to Category 5 winds and over the years has saved thousands of roofs during hurricanes in the South Eastern USA. To date, over 20 Million square feet of roof surface area has been treated.  Based on our RoofGuard technology, we developed LAS-320 Asphalt sealer which has been evaluated by the US military and FAA. It has been found to be an exceptional Fuel Resistant asphalt sealer that acts as a preservative extending the life cycle of Asphalt surfaces.  Enviroseal has a high degree of customer service and is committed to recognizing our customer’s needs. Our services include custom blending, transportation, and on-site technical advice. For installations around the corner or around the globe, each customer receives the best product, pricing, and level of customer service, that is our commitment to you.

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