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Eryigit Medical Devices Inc.

Background They take their strength from years of experience. Since 1991, they have been producing medical equipments of hospitals, health institutions and organizations and we are establishing full-scale installations. Their strength comes from their innovative understanding. They follow the developments in our sector in the world. Their strength also comes from the value they place on research and development. The company believes that research and development form the basis of producing high-quality medical devices. Their strength comes from an elaborative and visionary understanding. The company cares about details as much as essential elements. They do not limit their vision: their limit is the world. They aim to carry the Eryigit brand to every corner in the globe. They take their strength from their faith in the future and growth. Eryigit always aims for the best. They are working with a focus on growth. They take their strength from a dynamic and flexible business approach. They rapidly adapt to changing conditions and changes in the world with their flexible and dynamic structure.
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